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Welcome to Loving To Be Me


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Welcome to Loving To Be Me

I’m Katie,

And this is my story.

For years I struggled to fit in. I looked for love in all the wrong places. I doubted myself and had no idea who I really was. I was ashamed of my feelings and thought I must have done something wrong to be in this position. 

I thought that if I looked beautiful and appeared to have all the things that “happy” people have - nice clothes and bags, perfect hair and makeup, the fancy New York lifestyle - that I should also have happiness.

But I was so far from any sense of joy. Even though I’d spent years constructing this persona of the beautiful woman, I didn’t believe it on the inside. I didn’t believe in my own beauty and so could never fully achieve the beauty I desired.

After years of chasing answers from gurus and books and retreats and healing modalities, I started to realize that I didn’t need someone else to save me. I started to understand that it didn’t matter what color my hair was or what where I got my dress. 

I finally learned that all the things I thought were wrong with me, the things I saw as flaws, were actually the things that made me beautiful. I finally learned that I could light myself up from the inside out and I could actually see the real me in my reflection.