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Loving To Be Me
is committed to innovating the path home.
Because everything you're looking for is hidden inside your own heart.

And I'm here to help you find it...

If you have been feeling lost, hurt, damaged or afraid.

If you have experienced trauma or abuse and you're trying to heal.

If you've been searching like I was, and you're still lost...


Loving To Be Me is here to help you remember who you are and guide you back into the arms of your one true love... YOU.  

When you love yourself as you are, everything begins to find you.  

And you will experience peace, joy, love and light.  

Welcome to Loving To Be Me

I’m Katie,

And this is my story.

For years I struggled to fit in. I looked for love in all the wrong places. I doubted myself and had no idea who I really was. I was ashamed of my feelings and thought I must have done something wrong to be in this position. 

I thought that if I looked beautiful and appeared to have all the things that “happy” people have - nice clothes and bags, perfect hair and makeup, the fancy New York lifestyle - that I should also have happiness.

But I was so far from any sense of joy. Even though I’d spent years constructing this persona of the beautiful woman, I didn’t believe it on the inside. I didn’t believe in my own beauty and so could never fully achieve the beauty I desired.

After years of chasing answers from gurus and books and retreats and healing modalities, I started to realize that I didn’t need someone else to save me. I started to understand that it didn’t matter what color my hair was or what where I got my dress. 

I finally learned that all the things I thought were wrong with me, the things I saw as flaws, were actually the things that made me beautiful. I finally learned that I could light myself up from the inside out and I could actually see the real me in my reflection. 


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~ What Others Have Been Saying ~

"I loved working with the program! It gave me some much needed guidance into how to go about reviewing my inner self and seeing the beauty and trouble that currently exist in my life. Each step of the process was wonderfully communicated to me in way that made me want to participate in the exercises. These short but powerful lessons allowed me to take a deep look inside but at my own pace. At the end of the program I came to love myself and understand some of my weaknesses! Thank you Katie for developing such a powerful program."

"Katie! I have to tell you I smile and open my arms wide each time I hear those songs on the radio, no matter where I am and it just brings such lightness and happiness to my brain. I love the meditation! And I’ll have you know, I was just cast in my first musical here in two years. I truly feel it’s a direct result of the focused good energy you helped guide to me! I would love to participate in any workshop you lead. Thank you for reminding me how powerful we really are!"

"Katie has the kind of raw, insightful honesty that gets to the heart of where you’re at in a way that’s real and inspiring. She shines love all over the place! Her care is genuine, and her open, vulnerable style gives you a safe space to explore your own vulnerabilities. She is knowledgable and extremely gifted as a teacher, encourager, and healer. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and beside her as we journey together."

Please enjoy this  Well of Love Meditation.

I promise you'll feel more connected in no time!
It's FREE and the good vibes you find are all yours to keep!So what have you got to lose?


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