I'm so glad you're here.

I created this space for you because I recognized that there is a need for more safety, self expression and love in our lives and I truly believe in my heart we all deserve to be happy.



I used to be ashamed in telling my story.

I've always been a seeker and a generally happy girl, but like all of us that did not give me a free pass from living a life full of challenges and painful experiences...

The who's, what's and why's of my past are not important, but what is important is that I was in pain and I felt incredibly broken and sad.

I found myself searching for answers in all the wrong places and I kept getting more and more lost.  And the more lost I felt, the harder I tried to heal . And the harder I tried to heal, happiness got further and further away...

It was an endless cycle of drama, sadness and feeling like I'd never get it right.  

I thought I was broken.  I thought it was all my fault.  
And I forgot the most important thing; that if i didn't love myself as I was... I'd never ever find what I was looking for.

And it wasn't until I was hit by a taxi that I decided it was time to LIVE...and I stepped onto my own journey to wholeness.

I woke up to a world where everything is safe and nothing can be a failure because we are always learning.  

I embraced my humanness and let go of needing to be perfect. I uncovered my true value and embodied my truth. 

And I fell in love with myself... authentically for the first time in my life.

I knew I had to share this the world. Because loving myself completely changed my life... and it will change yours too. How do I know? Because I've been exactly where you are now, and it wasn't until I learned to love myself fully, that everything I was searching for began to fall into place.

If you have been feeling lost, hurt, damaged or afraid. 

If you have experienced trauma or abuse and you're trying to heal. 

If you've been searching like I was, and you're still lost...

Then trust me and stop.  

Loving To Be Me is here to help you remember who you are and guide you back into the arms of your one true love... YOU.  

When you love yourself as you are, everything begins to find you.  And you will experience peace, joy, love and light.  

Yes Loving To Be Me is here to guide you back home.  

Because everything you're looking for is hidden inside your own heart. 

And it's time you loved yourself to wholeness.  

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