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Women of Strength podcast with Ange Wilcock

I was recently interviewed for the Women of Strength podcast hosted by Ange Wilcock. I included links to the show via YouTube and SoundCloud below - take your pick. You can also listen to the podcast in iTunes here.



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Don’t Give Up: 5 Ways to Overcome A Broken Heart

There’s nothing more dangerous than a closed heart, and let’s face it we’ve all been there.

When the love of our life says they’ve found someone new, we don’t book our dream job, and everyone looks so happy on Facebook, it’s easy to fall into that trap of shutting down and giving up.

But learning how to love through heartbreak is something we can all do.

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I recently wrote a post for Soul Spring on how to overcome a broken heart.

If you want to recover from heartbreak quickly you have to change your focus and this article gives you five ways to help you overcome the hurt.

I hope you like it and if you do, please share and leave a comment! 

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Becoming magnetic again: 5 creative questions to unlock your true essence

The results of denying your true essence are damaging and hurtful to yourself and the world. It throws off your vibration, makes it harder to manifest, and creates emotional pain.

 Sometimes it's subtle, but the effects of not living in your essence can create a whole lot of negative feedback and make it harder to get where you want to be.

So what can you do to bring your essence back to the surface and do that thing you do so well?

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I recently wrote a post for Soul Spring on how to become magnetic again - to help regain one's essence. Our essence is like our DNA and we can ignore it and shut it down, or we can choose to light it up and ROCK IT OUT.  

This article offers you 5 simple ways to RECONNECT with your true essence and let it shine.  

I hope you like it and if you do, please share and leave a comment! 

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How Meditation Changed My Life (Washington Post Feature)

I had the honor of being interviewed for the Washington Post about my experience with meditation and retreats. Please read my story.


Here is an excerpt:

As she walked along a New York City street on an October night seven years ago, Katie Kozlowski was so upset that her boyfriend had stood her up that she didn’t even notice the taxicab before it hit her head-on and threw her across the road.

She was able, amazingly, to pick herself up from the gravel, deeply startled but completely unharmed. The accident prompted Kozlowski to reflect on her life. After suffering through a string of abusive relationships and bouts of heavy drinking and depression, she knew something had to change.

“I wanted to go somewhere so I could figure out how to stop having all of these negative experiences,” she said. Not long after, she packed her bags and boarded a plane to gather with over 200 people on a week-long spiritual retreat in the heart of Ireland. (read the full article...

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Weekly Exploration: I'm Still Standing

This week I explore how we can reframe the old narratives of being knocked down and destroyed, to one of empowerment and strength in this dialogue called “I’m Still Standing”

Once upon a time it was cool to get lost and struggle, but in today’s world, there is another way. And by flipping the way we see things, we can begin to find it.

To join me weekly for my LIVE explorations join the Loving To Be Me Collective at:

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Learning To Love Yourself with Kevin Bulmer from No Schedule Man

podcast self love Apr 19, 2017

A few weeks ago I sat down with Kevin Bulmer of No Schedule Man for a fantastic chat! 

We talked all about my story and how I went from self hate to self love.  

You can listen in, watch it or grab it in itunes here 

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From Self Loathing to Self Love; a candid conversation with Dr. Jenev Caddell

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2017

A few weeks ago, I had the privelige of chatting with Dr. Jennev Caddell in this awesome power chat.  

We talked about Loving To Be Me, My mentor Derek O'Neill (whom she had seen before) and my Dog Archimedes makes a guest appearance while throwing a puppy tantrum.  

Here's the scoop about what Jennev shared over at her website and I invite you to give it a watch! 

In this week’s episode of PTV, I connect with Katie Kozlowski of Katie is the creator of Loving To Be Me and In{her} Awakening. She speaks about her work, the Divine Feminine and Masculine, and her journey in our interview today.

Katie expresses that she’s always grown up asking questions, was a sort of “chemist of energy and Spirit.” She’s additionally an actress – one who has always had questions.

From Self-Loathing to Self-Love
She noted that she always had trouble accepting herself. She has experienced a lot of trauma –...

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Loving To Be Me Roundtable with Astrology Coach & Artist Vanessa Couto

One of my favorite topics is ASTROLOGY and how it can help us better know our selves, embrace our paths and unltimately realize who we are. And THAT is why I got together with the amazing Vanessa Couto to talk all about this.


Vanessa is an expert in all things astrological, and we had a great time digging into the juicy topics like self realization, destiny and more! You've GOT to listen to this!! 


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And isn't Vanessa the BOMB?!!?

If you want to learn more from this goddess of wisdom visit her at

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And listen to her Podcast on iTunes: Liminal Astro Coaching

Who is she again?! Vanessa Couto is an astro coach and artist. She weaves elements from astrology, depth psychology, storytelling and art into my coaching approach, to help my clients broaden their perspective...

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Roundtable Series with Gray & Linda of SoulSpark!

A few weeks ago I got together for a candid chat with SoulSpark Creators and love experts Gray & Linda Robinson.

They have an amazing love story and I asked them all about it.

Together we uncovered some interesting lessons and shared some powerful insights~ so if you're interested in finding more love in your life, attracting THE ONE, finding your "soulmate" or you're feeling down in the dumps, check this out and you're guaranteed to feel better in no time.


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Who Are Gray & Linda? If you don't know... you're missing out!

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For over 40 years, Gray has been a trusted international business and individual advisor and counselor, as well as a recognized expert in...

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Embracing the WHOLE Picture


Here's a positive affirmation for us all!

I accept and embrace all the pieces of who I am.

It's easy to only include the parts we like or the pretty ones. It's easy to only remember the good stuff and deny the parts that hurt. And it's easy to accept the parts we love and push away the parts we don't.

But the truth is- we need every piece of who we are to be complete. And it's often those parts we don't like- that make us who we are.

I used to only see what I thought was good until one day I woke up and realize there wasn't a single piece of me that didn't deserve my love. Even the parts I wanted to throw away.

So today embrace all of yourself and begin to love who you are on a whole new level.

I love you!

XO Katie

Ps you can the join loving to be me collective for free and get started today!

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