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Exhale. It's time to let go

Yesterday I let my kitty go.

And today I woke up with so much sadness and anger present in my heart.

Not because he's gone- but because deep down inside I wanted to hold onto him.

So often we think that if he hold on just a little longer... everything will work out alright.

And yet, I am learning this year that all the holding on in the world can't save us from what is meant to be and It is in the letting go that we find freedom and healing.

I've let go many times in my life- from careers, relationships, loved ones, stuff, beliefs... and every single time there is a beautiful sense of relief and calm once I truly let go.

So today- for anyone else who has been holding on for dear life--- praying that it will work out--- all together let's exhale. Let go. And no longer fear the fall.

This has been the most challenging of years for me-- and even though it has brought me many tears and sadness, it has also brought me tremendous healing and love on levels I never even knew possible.

And the greatest part of all is I am finally learning how to truly let go and becoming an expert in what falling with grace feels like.


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