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Loving To Be Me Roundtable with Astrology Coach & Artist Vanessa Couto

One of my favorite topics is ASTROLOGY and how it can help us better know our selves, embrace our paths and unltimately realize who we are. And THAT is why I got together with the amazing Vanessa Couto to talk all about this.


Vanessa is an expert in all things astrological, and we had a great time digging into the juicy topics like self realization, destiny and more! You've GOT to listen to this!! 


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And isn't Vanessa the BOMB?!!?

If you want to learn more from this goddess of wisdom visit her at vanessacouto.com

Join her Facebook Group:  HERE

And listen to her Podcast on iTunes: Liminal Astro Coaching

Who is she again?! Vanessa Couto is an astro coach and artist. She weaves elements from astrology, depth psychology, storytelling and art into my coaching approach, to help my clients broaden their perspective...

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Roundtable Series with JFO of Master Your Destiny

A few weeks ago I got together with my girl JFO, the creator of Master Your Destiny and we spent an hour digging into topics like love, self realization and how astrology can provide you with a roadmap to love yourself more.

We uncovered a lot and discovered that astrology can act as the X Ray while healing work and spiritual guidance is more like the phyisical therapy!

What do we mean by that?!? You'll have to watch the video to check it out!

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We had a great time at this roundtable and we're psyched to share it with you!

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Love Always, Katie K


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