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How Meditation Changed My Life (Washington Post Feature)

I had the honor of being interviewed for the Washington Post about my experience with meditation and retreats. Please read my story.


Here is an excerpt:

As she walked along a New York City street on an October night seven years ago, Katie Kozlowski was so upset that her boyfriend had stood her up that she didn’t even notice the taxicab before it hit her head-on and threw her across the road.

She was able, amazingly, to pick herself up from the gravel, deeply startled but completely unharmed. The accident prompted Kozlowski to reflect on her life. After suffering through a string of abusive relationships and bouts of heavy drinking and depression, she knew something had to change.

“I wanted to go somewhere so I could figure out how to stop having all of these negative experiences,” she said. Not long after, she packed her bags and boarded a plane to gather with over 200 people on a week-long spiritual retreat in the heart of Ireland. (read the full article...

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Roundtable Series with JFO of Master Your Destiny

A few weeks ago I got together with my girl JFO, the creator of Master Your Destiny and we spent an hour digging into topics like love, self realization and how astrology can provide you with a roadmap to love yourself more.

We uncovered a lot and discovered that astrology can act as the X Ray while healing work and spiritual guidance is more like the phyisical therapy!

What do we mean by that?!? You'll have to watch the video to check it out!

Want to learn more from me and join the Loving To Be Me Collective- join us here!

And you can sign up to learn more from miss JFO at her website www.justjfo.com

We had a great time at this roundtable and we're psyched to share it with you!

PS: if you want the to hear it in recording format so you can listen on the go, sign up for the collective for free and grab the mp3 in the Roundtable section!

Love Always, Katie K


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It's Time To Grow Up....

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This is a lesson that has been a challenge to learn.

How can we keep our innocence and joy of youth and yet also grow up into powerful adults?

We get confused and are afraid that if we grow up we will lose that piece of who we are- but as long as we keep it in our hearts- we are forever young on the inside.

It's ok to #‎growup it's safe to be an adult and be strong. Because the child inside us never leaves...

The loving to be me Collective is almost here and there's a place for everyone in this virtual #‎happyplace

I'm creating it for all of us- because we each deserve a safe space where we can laugh, cry and be who we truly are.

Always love- Katie

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