"It has been my honor and pleasure to work with Katie and the Rising Star. Katie is pure heart and her work is profound. She exudes love and is a beacon of light in this world. She is wise and insightful and my experience with Katie’s work has been deep and meaningful beyond words. Katie is a teacher and a leader among light workers and always steps up to the plate to provide clarity and encouragement. I feel so fortunate to know her and her powerful work."

Lynn Louise Wonders
Wellness Coach – Wonders

"Katie is a gifted soul and working with her was truly a transformational experience. She helped me heal a very specific wound that has been plaguing me for a good portion of my life. I’m so happy to be free of it, and so grateful for Katie’s loving kindness and gentle healing energy. I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Katie, so much love to you."

DT Sheridan Director
Writer, Coach

"I met Katie through a business group. I was struggling with an issue that was deeply troubling. Katie offered her help and it was like standing in a ray of sunshine. She helped me see the issue from a place of love and light and I was able to let go of the pain and suffering. Katie Kozlowski is the real thing. Authentic. Kind. Loving. Light. Always bringing light to the dark places we sometimes dwell in."

Taryn Pyle
Creator of

"The moment I met Katie at a sisterhood potluck, I knew I needed to work with her and her different healing modalities. Now it is 9 months later and I have worked with her professionally (and personally) and each time has changed my life. This woman is a powerhouse of healing energy that will shake up your life! I have done both Rising Star and Playful Transformation sessions which have helped me to create a clarity and level of creative motivation in my life that I had never reached before. We worked together to clear blocks from my childhood in simple, easy on the soul ways. The work was not easy but my soul entered in the journey without the fear that had been there before. I cannot speak highly enough of the love, joy and power of forgiveness I have found in my own life thanks to Miss Katie K."

Andreya Suseata
Food & Beverage Industry Professional

"Katie has the kind of raw, insightful honesty that gets to the heart of where you’re at in a way that’s real and inspiring. She shines love all over the place! Her care is genuine, and her open, vulnerable style gives you a safe space to explore your own vulnerabilities. She is knowledgable and extremely gifted as a teacher, encourager, and healer. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and beside her as we journey together."

Michelle Coe













"Katie has a true gift for healing. As someone who works with energy, it was such a treat to receive from her. She was able to tune into my energy and give me feedback on exactly what I had been feeling come up during our session. I felt a peaceful calm wash over me as our time together came to an end and in the days to come. I’d highly recommend booking your session STAT! I also had the pure pleasure and honor of being initiated as a Rising Star Practitioner with Katie. It is a beautiful practice and offers so many benefits. If it peaks your interest, definitely check it out. There are no coincidences"

Michelle Matthews
Energy Alchemist and Flow Coach –

"Katie is someone who instantly makes you feel warmth just by being in her presence. The Ascension Intervention course was a real eye-opener for me and I learned more on the calls in an hour than I had wading through masses of information all year. Katie makes things simple to understand because she exudes authenticity and coherence. You get the knowing that you are talking to someone with lifetimes of experience who has the forte of transmitting things in plain language, friendship and true love! She lives her truth 24/7, unwavering, and THAT gave me the courage to be myself wholeheartedly and feel supported and heard. The spiritual journey can be a lonely path sometimes and then the universe connects you with a diamond! Thank you Katie, love and bright blessings to you always."

Angela Maya Campbell

"You know that moment when you see someone in their element? Their passion ignites their whole body and they just radiate and it makes you feel warm and happy? When I work with Katie this is what I experience and witness. She loves what she is doing and it shows."

Roxy Arrojo
Theatrical Writer & Teacher NYC

"Katie K is a bright light who adds so much sparkle to any experience. But, don’t let the shine fool you into thinking it’s all just fluff. Katie’s depth and wisdom is expansive. I’m so honored to collaborate and make deliciously powerful experiences together. Beyond creating for others, I simply love being with Katie. She’s like a joy bubble, floating, and spreading her magic dust wherever she goes!!! If you’re looking to brighten your experience of life, feeling lit up, Katie has both the energetic spirit and the practical tools to guide you in illuminating from within!"

Christina Salerno
Founder of Living Quirky

"Thank you SO much for sending your meditation audio Katie. I wish you could understand French, as it would be easier for me to explain what I felt while listening to the audio. Something very powerful happened, man let me tell you ….. still have tears. Let’s say it was magnificent and magical! Thank you for awakening this deep light within me"

Nancy Lussier
Yoga Teacher, Kundalini

"Katie! I have to tell you I smile and open my arms wide each time I hear our anchor song on the radio, no matter where I am and it just brings such lightness and happiness to my brain. I love the meditation! And I’ll have you know, I was just cast in my first musical here in two years. I truly feel it’s a direct result of the focused good energy you helped guide to me! I would love to participate in any workshop you lead. Thank you for reminding me how powerful we really are!"

Shannon Munley
Actress, Singer, Model

"I met Katie K just by accident…now I know the lesson would be nothing is an accident. When we met in June 2015, I was always in pain and walking with a cane. I felt older than my age and depressed that things would only get worse as time went on. For me, my future was bleak being on multiple pain medicines, getting injections in my joints or back when needed, and mostly being unable to do everyday errands. After my second meeting, I decided to do a fifteen minute consultation with Katie just to see what she had to offer. Our conversation was so smooth, comfortable, and Katie K. made a lot of sense to me. I figured what do a have to lose? I agreed that her Reiki/Rising Star was the way for me to go. My very first session was an awesome learning experience! I felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders, I was walking straighter, feeling very little pain, and within two weeks I was walking without my cane –which I had been using daily for five years! I am presently enjoying life again! I am able to go out with friends without any difficulty walking my pain has subsided 100%. I never thought I would be living my life again, pain free and active. All I can say is Katie K. is a bright light of personality and I am so blessed to have her in my life."


"My dog Blue was hit by a truck a couple of months ago. Katie, you did so much to calm and comfort her until we could take her to the ER.Thank you so much! You will be happy to know that she made a full recovery! You helped save Blue’s life!"

Dog Owner and Blue the Husky

"Katie is a rockstar who has proven that every woman can take the stage of their own lives! You’ll leave Katie’s Play Shops with a smile so big, you’ll swear you just met the love of your life. And in a sense you did, because Katie’s platform for conscious creation allows you to see that YOU are the love of your life and YOU get to feel happiness now. Katie brings years of experience in both life, love and spiritual healing to a platform that empowers us all to leave the fear behind and start rocking the life we were born to live"

Sammy Davis

"Katie’s Playdate session helped me connect to a safe place in a positive and fun way. She listened and helped me build a tool to give me both space and wings with complete understanding of where I was and where I wanted to go. Highly recommend Katie for those that are looking to make progress with more ease and inspiration."


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