Are you tired of feeling like there's something wrong?

Maybe you feel like you'll never get it right or you're looking for love in all the wrong places.... then THIS IS FOR YOU!

Everything you're looking for is inside you.

 You just have to know where to look...

If you're feeling lost ~ frustrated~ tired~ or maybe like you're trying to do your best but nothing seems to work...

It's possible you're looking for answers in the wrong place... and I'd love to help you find them.  

It's true we have everything we need right inside but if we don't know how to access it... it can feel like we'll never get it right

Relax! You're in the right place. Because I want to teach you how to find it all with this simple meditation... 

Well of Love Meditation gift!

Welcome to your WELL OF LOVE! I've been exactly where you are and I know just how you feel. All you need are 10 mins and I promise you'll feel more connected in no time! It's free and the good vibes you find are all yours to keep! So what have you got to lose? Grab your gift today!

I'm Katie K & I'm the one behind this creation~

For years I struggled to fit in. I doubted myself and had no idea who I really was. I was ashamed of my feelings and thought I must have done something wrong to be having them.

I thought that if I looked beautiful and appeared to have all the things that “happy” people have - nice clothes and bags, perfect hair and makeup, the fancy New York lifestyle - that I should also have happiness.

But I was so far from any sense of joy. Even though I’d spent years constructing this persona of the beautiful woman, I didn’t believe it on the inside. I didn’t believe in my own beauty and so could never fully achieve the beauty I desired.

After years of chasing answers from gurus and books and retreats and healing modalities, I started to realize that I didn’t need someone else to save me. I started to understand that it didn’t matter what color my hair was or what brand my dress.

I finally learned that all the things I thought were wrong with me, the things I saw as flaws, were actually the things that made me beautiful. I finally learned that I could light myself up from the inside and I found my own personal well of love.